72 tips to enhance memory

1. Memory skills:
1. The brain needs to regularly sort and arrange memories
2. Summarize information.
3. When continuous content is needed, overall memory is better than fragment memory
4. Decompose the memory content into three parts, it is easier to memorize the content
5. Repeated information must be repeated
6. For important content, repeat ten times at the beginning
7. Record the time of each memory training to track progress
8. Use maps to consolidate memory and expand association.
9, usually practice using associative memory to remember things
10. Consciously exercise the subconscious mind and use image thinking more

11. Reading and movement are good for memory
12. Meditation and thought, it is better to read the original text again
13. Use graphical outlines to improve speech quality
14. Finding the right reference book is one of the shortcuts to memory
15. Memory activities should be performed at the climax of biological activity rhythm
16. Don’t remember in the middle of the night at 2-4 o’clock
17. The extraction of memory content is most suitable two hours after waking up
18. Active rest can make memory rhythm
19. Excessive cigarettes, alcohol, and coffee all have foes of memory
20. The focus of the memory will leave traces of memory. Such as drawing lines, removing corners, and writing thoughts.

21. Contents with similar contents will cause interference
22. Use the memory method according to the content difference between left and right brain. Right brain for data and right brain for language
23. You can choose the right music when you remember.
24. Use white noise to concentrate. Many sounds mixed together are white noise.
25. The schedule is classified according to a special method to prevent forgetting
26. Use hinting to remember names and appearances
27. Combining memories with pleasant experiences will help you mention them later.
28. Add tags or meanings to people and things to remember later.
29. Use the location method to remember, the most common method is to combine the content with the scenery that can be seen every day
30. Forgetting is an important part of memory. If you make a conscious forget, it will make you remember more firmly.

31. Ask me more why the hard-to-remember content
32. Start from the basics when memorizing content in unfamiliar fields
33. It is more effective to memorize complex information with images and charts.
34. Translate complex and difficult language into your own language to remember difficult content
35. Connect the unskilled content with the good content to remember the difficult content
36. It is a waste of time to use classroom recording to memorize, pay attention to how to use it.
37. The most important thing is to use the mouth, eyes, and hands to remember billions. Things that are too chaotic are to read the memory silently.
38. When engaging in mental work, it is better to work from a hard chair to a soft sofa, but pay attention to the situation and occasions
39. Draw the content of memory in the brain, or match a suitable image will make the content of memory more perfect
40. When you are interested in data, you can understand the meaning of numbers
Then remember the numbers. If you are not interested, it is estimated that the content will not be remembered

41. The memory is dominated by a small number of times, and the greediness is chewy.
The time required for memory is the square of the amount of content. Don’t study for more than 1 hour in a row, take part in a Pomodoro Technique

42. Matters that must be remembered are linked to the absurd image
The human brain is most impressed by rare, intense and special phenomena
But don’t remember everything in this way. It’s most suitable for important points that are difficult to remember or have to remember.

43. The memory contents are sorted, arranged and recorded into the brain consciously by numbers, which is convenient for the brain to store memories.
It works well for remembering people’s names and a few things.

44. Use unique things to grasp the context and simplify memory.
Use engineering drawings or assembly drawings to remember the sequence. There are also dichotomy, fishbone diagram, mind map and other methods.
Flexible use of maps can consolidate memory and expand association. This doesn’t need to be understood by others, it only needs to be understood.

45. People who meet for the first time should remember facial features.
To remember the appearance of a person, it takes time to train, for example, to divide a person’s face into several types.
You can also pay attention to the other party’s voice and form, grasp the other party’s characteristics, and perform exaggerated memory.

Second, reading suggestions

46. ​​When reading, alternating intensive reading and browsing will make you remember more firmly.
47. When reading, use skipping, random reading and other methods to facilitate understanding of content and deepen memory
48. Reasoning novels are a good way to train shorthand
49. Read column articles frequently to exercise analytical skills.
Reading special columns in newspapers, magazines, or reasoning novels can increase this ability.
50. Reading more short articles can also improve your analytical skills.
But when you read, you should pay attention to observe the conversion of the article’s inheritance and transition, otherwise it will only be attracted by the content.

51. Reading more philosophy can improve memory ability.
Philosophy book. Most of them are based on the basic concepts of philosophers to logically demonstrate many concrete halves. Along the main line, carry out a rigorous argument. This is the characteristic of the philosophy book. Therefore, to read a philosophy book is to grasp the main line. Therefore, it can be a good training material that fully complies with the principles of right brain memory. Philosophy books do not need to be understood from the first line of the first page. When you read the whole book, you will understand the cause and effect of the whole book and grasp the main line.

52. When reading, it is expected that the content of the next page is the most solid memory
This kind of memorizing method that advances backward while anticipating the content of the next stage is very suitable for memorizing such as mathematical formulas and gradually increasing the depth of academic knowledge and objects. In fact, it is not only limited to mathematics. When reading general books and reference books, if you can develop the intention of the author and the order of the chapters, the practice of reading and hate will undoubtedly receive the same effect. When using this method, some training is required, but you don’t have to expect whether your expectations are wrong. It does not matter whether the right or wrong is expected. This method itself is the most effective memory method that can reasonably play the right brain image thinking.

Three, the suggestion of the note:
53, reading with a clear purpose is conducive to memory
54. Use symbols and secret codes when taking notes
55. Add notes to notes for easy memory retrieval
56. Taking notes after reading a chapter is better than taking notes while reading a book.
Read the book first and start taking notes. Divide the content from the overall point of view, and then take notes will be better

Fourth, review suggestions:
57. Repeating it to others is a good way to review
58. After reviewing the items, the memory can be simplified
59. After studying, one or two days of review will remember better
60. Review the content to be remembered 15 minutes before going to bed to prevent forgetting
61. Reviewing the next day after the exam will produce a good memory effect.
62. Move the contents of the memory from the back to the front, and the effect of reverse review will be better.
At the same time, it is also very helpful for a deep understanding of what has been remembered.

V. Suggestions for learning foreign languages:
63. When learning English, you should combine memory with the image of English,
64. You can use the radical method to remember a group of English at the same time
65. Use role-playing methods to remember foreign languages ​​and history
66. It is unscientific to use small cards to recite words. It is better to use cards of the size of a letter card with words, phrases and example sentences.
67. Language information is not suitable for single notes but should be merged with words to remember
68. You can use singing notation to learn foreign languages
69. Multi-turn, multi-use and multi-check dictionary can consolidate the memory of words
70. Correctly imitating intonation is the key to learning English well
71. It is best to cooperate with example sentences when memorizing words

72. The error correction exercise will record the wrong memory into the brain memory.
Error-correcting practice as an examination method may be of no use, but as a practice method, it should be firmly avoided. From the perspective of human memory function, this is the principle that should be followed when learning any knowledge. The reason is simple. Doing this type of error correction exercise will make the brain easy to remember the wrong things. People generally think that in the face of such problems, people will not take the wrong year, sentence, spelling, etc. Remember it. However, it is regrettable that our excellent human brain will remember these, and; these things remember too much, it will disturb you which is correct and which is wrong in the memory bank, so There is confusion of memory and errors of judgment.