After analyzing 1000 successful people, the successful method

Ten years ago, I started to study a question: How do ordinary people succeed?

At that time, I was engaged in international economics and policy research in government departments, and had the opportunity to contact some politicians, famous political scholars, Nobel laureates in economics, senior executives of international financial institutions, and well-known entrepreneurs.

In the process of communication, I will always explore their growth experience, trying to sum up the common characteristics of success.

Later, I became a consulting company, and I had the opportunity to study many companies and entrepreneurs in depth, including those on the Forbes Rich List.

Consultants are equal to corporate doctors and need to understand all aspects of companies and entrepreneurs. This kind of research is extremely in-depth. In many cases, consultants have a deeper understanding of companies and entrepreneurs than entrepreneurs themselves.

More executives have been interviewed. For every consultation, I have to interview all the executives of the company. One of my favorite questions is: “Can you tell us about your glorious past?”

In this way, I accumulated a lot of cases.

Since this year, I have started to study well-known entrepreneurs.

Every time I write, I will go through all the books, magazine articles, and Internet materials I can find, and interview all the people I can contact.

Recently, the question that has been circling in my mind for 10 years has gradually become clearer.

Why are successful people cattle?

Below, I will elaborate on it from the following aspects:

Choice is more important than hard work
To learn how to use success
The secret of growth dynamics
The Truth Makes Heroes Truth
The principle and function of multiplication
01. Choice is more important than hard work
We often say that to become a successful person, you must work hard.

This is true.

But there are so many people working hard, why are so few successful people?

Because in the effort, there is a higher dimensional factor, that is choice.

Choice is the most important factor in widening the gap between people.

He went to find work with his friends, and everyone else was accepted. He was the only one who was eliminated.

But later, he chose the right path: doing e-commerce. This is the origin of all success behind him.

The so-called choice is mainly to choose where and how to go. That is, what path do you have to take, and what platform do you use to advance.

If the direction is right, even if you go slower, you will always be closer to the target. The direction is wrong, the harder you work, the farther you are from the goal.

I chose the smartphone industry in 2010 and the mobile Internet industry in 2013, and it was easy to succeed. And if it is against the storm, the eagle will not fly so high.

But choosing the right direction is just the first step, you also need to choose the right platform. If you choose the right platform, your steps towards success will be faster and easier.

Also from the first floor to the seventh floor of the mall, you take the straight ladder, escalator and stairs, the direction is the same, but the speed is very different.

“At the time of the B2B business IPO, we had 300 people who became millionaires. I asked my colleagues three questions. Are you becoming a millionaire because you are smarter than others? They said no, we can’t find Work. Is it because you work hard? No, there are many people who are very hardworking. Smart people go to IBM and Microsoft. Headhunters don’t even come to our company to grab people.”

Those who are not smarter than others and do not need to be diligent are rewarded more than those who are equally smart and diligent, or even smarter and diligent.

The fundamental reason is that they are on a rapidly developing platform.

Direction and platform are the key to choice; choice is the key to becoming a successful person.

Therefore, in this formula, I added a “3” to the upper right corner of the selection, which means the third power. It should be noted that the “3” here is simplified, meaning “many”, please do not understand it as an exact number. Its true meaning is: Among all the influencing factors of successful people, choice plays the most important role.

02. To learn how to use success
Then, after choosing the direction and platform, can we move forward towards our ideals?

Not yet.

The influencing factor of the second dimension is the method.

There is a difference in efficiency in doing anything. Using different methods and using different tools will make a difference in quality and speed.

A successful person learns better than everyone and works more efficiently. It may not necessarily be that he is smarter than everyone, but that he has used a good method.

Whether it is sales, presentation, writing, programming, or management, creativity, scientific research, and time management, there are objective laws. If you can find the rules and follow the rules, you can achieve more with less. If you can’t find the law, deviate from the law, and work hard, you still get nothing.

No successful person is not a person who is good at using methods.

Effective methods come from learning, thinking and practice.

Learning from the former, learning from the books, learning from the successful people around us, plus our own thinking and improvement, and constantly practicing and summarizing in practice, we can constantly learn and improve the methods of doing things and improve our efficiency.

The exercises mentioned here are not simple repetitions, but “deliberate practice”, that is, leaving the comfort zone and giving yourself a harder challenge, but you can get a jump. Too easy to practice will have no effect, too difficult to practice will make people lose their motivation to persevere. The best practice is to have 85% of the content you already know and 15% of the new challenges every time.

In the formula, I also marked a number “2” in the upper right corner of the “method”, which means that in the influencing factors of becoming a successful person, the method is less important than the choice, but greater than the effort.

03. The secret of growth dynamics
When the direction is right, the platform is also selected, and there are good methods. The next one is who will work harder. Work 16 hours a day, year after year.

Over the years, none of the successful people I have met is not a studyaholic or workaholic.

In a book, the author proposes that after 10,000 hours of deliberate training, an ordinary person can become an expert. “Experts” here, but successful people in various fields.

Deliberate training is to master the method; 10,000 hours is to work hard. This time is approximately equal to 10 years.

There is a key point here. Successful people learn and work like crazy, not forced, but actively chosen.

Many people also work very hard, such as uncle farmers in the fields and brothers and sisters of Foxconn production lines, but these are forced to work, not for their own interests, not to improve certain skills, or to realize their dreams. And work hard.

Forced effort is emotionally disgusting and results in low returns; while active efforts, in turn, are emotionally pleasing and result in high returns.

Efforts are the easiest to do, but the hardest to persist. The vast majority of people have had moments of hard work, but they often slack off quickly.

This is because there is no secret of “growth dynamics”.

To maintain lasting motivation, you need to do the following:

Step by step
Timely feedback
Dream motivation
External supervision
1) Step by step, means not giving yourself too many, too difficult tasks at once.

Many people started to work hard with enthusiasm, and they died after a week or two. The main reason is that the goal is too high, frustrating and despairing.

If you start with small tasks that are easy to complete, you will easily be satisfied and stick to it. The focus of this step is to form a habit. After getting used to it, gradually increase the amount.

2) Timely feedback means that you always get rewards for your efforts.

Why are games so addictive? Because you always get feedback in time. You can get gold coins by hitting the bricks above your head; you can double the points by eliminating 4 rows of blocks at once; kill a group of monsters, you can upgrade and so on.

In the usual efforts, if we can provide timely feedback like a game, our enthusiasm will be much higher.

For example, after learning a guitar song for a week, I found that I was able to sing smoothly. After writing a public account for a month, I found that the reading reached 10,000; after doing sales and visiting 100 customers, I found that the deal had begun. Visible progress, material gains, compliments from people you care about, etc. are all ways of timely feedback.

3) Dream motivation refers to having a long-term vision to keep your heart alive at any time.

The effort in the comfort zone is pleasant, but the deliberate practice in the challenge zone must be painful. Without the incentive of a long-term goal, it is difficult for us to do a painful thing for a long time.

Xiaodouzi could not stand the tragedy of the troupe, and fled with his friends. In the theater, they were shocked to see the scene of the famous opera performer. He cried and said, “How did they form the corner, how many hits?” Then they went back to the place where they wanted to escape. Later, Xiaodouzi became Cheng Dieyi.

The dream of “chengjiaoer” made Xiaodouzi willing to return to the troupe and endure the life of hell, because he saw the dream and hope.

Our efforts must also allow ourselves to see dreams and hopes, so as to be an inexhaustible motivator. Why do successful people work harder and persevere than ordinary people? Because their dreams are clearer.

4) External supervision is to allow your efforts to be helped by an external force so that you can persist for a longer period of time.

It is difficult for us to persevere to exercise at home. However, after signing up for a private lesson, the coach calls you every day, and your chances of perseverance will be much higher.

Write Luo Ji thinking public number, promised to do 60 seconds every morning for 10 years. After half a year, he couldn’t persevere, especially wanted to give up. But because of the promise, there is no way but to stick to the teeth and stick to it.

There are three ways for the most effective external supervision:

The first is to let the person you care about supervise you. Once you can’t do it, he will be disappointed, and you never want him to be disappointed with you, so you must insist.

The second is to let public opinion supervise you, publicly announce to the world what you want to do, and you will face the pressure of public opinion every time you want to give up.

The third is to link effort with benefits. If you don’t work hard, you will lose your painful benefits, so you have to grind your teeth and stick to it.

04. The truth that the current situation creates heroes
If we do a good job of choice, method and motivation, can we become successful people?

Does not.

The three factors mentioned above are all factors that we can control personally. However, there are still many factors that we cannot control whether we can become successful people.

Among these uncontrollable factors, some are fixed and constant things, such as time or the general environment in which we live. I replaced them with the constant C. Some are random things, such as luck, or policy changes.

The most important one is time and luck.

The growth of successful people is not linear, but exponential. The exponential growth method requires time to work.

If every deliberate practice can make you improve by one thousandth, then after 10,000 hours, your ability is 21,917 times the original. This is the power of time.

If it is in a world of mechanics, our analysis can end here. Because in the world of Newtonian mechanics, once several original parameters are given, the final result is determined. Those who have the above success factors will surely become successful people.

The real world is the world of quantum mechanics and chaos theory, and the development of many things is unpredictable, which makes luck one of the key factors that determine one’s destiny.

I think the success of successful people is inseparable from their good luck.

Scientists have done simulation experiments with a computer. Even if talent and effort can determine the 95% probability of winning, luck is only responsible for 5%. As long as there are enough participants, the winner will always be the best luck, not the highest talent and effort. of.

Examples of this experiment can be seen everywhere in real life.

Wang Xing believes that he has made a good time to make a beautiful group; Cheng Wei attributed Didi’s smooth start to a sudden snowstorm; Xu Jiayin once went bankrupt, and a sudden policy change made him a China’s richest man.

Luck has always been an indispensable factor in the growth and success of all successful people.

05. The principle and function of multiplication
We have seen many similar formulas. For example, Einstein said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% sweat; Ji Xianlin said that success = talent + diligence + chance.

These have inspired us from different angles.

However, the masters have done too much simplification to help us understand better.

In the formula for successful people I summarized, I used multiplication instead of addition. The differences are:

In the addition formula, a few terms are removed on the right, and the left is still positive. If the data of one item on the right is particularly large, the other items can be small or even zero, and a large value can be obtained on the left.

In the multiplication formula, as long as any item on the right is zero, the left is equal to zero.

That is to say, in the five factors that I summarized, the choice, method, motivation, time and luck, if any one is missing, one cannot be a successful person.

Successful people are full competition. A person needs to work in the right direction, in the right way, for a long time, and with some luck, to be a successful person.

06, summary
The purpose of theory is to guide practice. I summarize this formula also so that everyone can think systematically: If I want to be a successful person, what do I need to start with?

In the last part of the formula, I used μC to represent random perturbations and fixed constants, instead of using “luck” and “time” directly. This is because these two items are not within our control. Even if we know it, we cannot control it, so we use letters to blur it.

In practice, we only focus on the first three factors.

On the way to becoming a successful person, please do not start blindly. Because the weights of choice, method and motivation are different. Choice is greater than method, method is greater than effort.

Therefore, the most important thing is to set a good direction and choose a platform; then you have to learn good experience and methods; on the premise that the first two are done well, hard work will work. In this way, your efforts are worth it, otherwise it will be in vain.