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The 5 strongest learning methods certified by Brain Science, all you have to do is how to program them into your own learning

The 5 strongest learning methods that have been verified and recognized by the experimental research of brain science.

Note that the method is not a skill, it belongs to the big branch, and the following can be expanded, but like Feynman and the like only belong to the skill, because the big branch (that is, the learning method) to which Feynman belongs is the output method, Feynman is just one of the forms , And review, think of the discussion, and then the output form of many white paper reproductions such as map summary and graphical representation are the same level, all belong to small branches.

The five strongest learning methods recognized by the five brain sciences are:

1. Retrieval exercises (test), 2. Interactive exercises, 3. Various exercises, 4. Decentralized learning, 5. Refined learning
Among them, 1 and 4 are the most critical, which are the two most basic and necessary efficient learning methods obtained by American brain scientists after studying almost all existing learning methods in the world. Continue reading

Depression also has “susceptible people”? What personality is prone to depression?

A person with severe depression went to see a doctor. The doctor said, “Recently, a very humorous person has come to our city and has been telling jokes on the street for three days. Happy, I suggest you go find him.”

The man said, “I am the one you said is particularly humorous.”

People who look funny and humorous also suffer from depression. This phenomenon is not uncommon.

We think it is normal for people with introverted pessimism to get depression, but why do humorous people get depression? Is there any connection between personality and depression?

Why do people who look humorous also suffer from depression?
First of all, we need to make it clear that humor, in fact, can not be regarded as a character. Continue reading

Painting-the best encouragement for children’s paintings

From the time of birth to the age of three or four years, the physical and mental development of the child is very fast. Although only a few years, these few years are almost the epitome of human development from the primitive state to the civilized state.
From the children’s paintings, we can also see traces of growth.

At first, children just graffiti randomly, and then gradually began to give meaning to the patterns or lines, so as to gain language, and later they can even draw on the basis of impressions. Children experience this process of development and change in person, which is of great help to the development of intelligence.

In this development process, the expression and content of children gradually change, which is a natural trend. Some parents will ignore their children’s growth laws and force them to do something beyond their age and ability. This kind of education that promotes seedlings is undesirable. Continue reading

After completely falling in love with a person, great changes will naturally occur

Many times you love someone, but it is easy to find out from the external behavior.

Men love a woman deeply, and there will be great changes. Similarly, when a woman deeply loves a man, there will be great changes.

In love, we all like to conquer each other. Even if we love each other very much, we also hope that the other party loves him more and stays with him all the time, without feeling distracted.

When a man is deeply in love with a woman, he will find a way to conquer the woman so that the woman’s heart is completely on her body. Men will always observe whether women have been conquered by themselves.

In fact, once a woman is conquered by a man, it is like this. Continue reading

Women who can continue to be pampered by men

“People are very easy to change their hearts, especially the heart of a man.”

Men’s hearts are changeable, so many women are insecure.


It’s important to find someone who loves you

Feelings are not based on contention, but on finding someone who loves yourself. It is important to find someone who loves you.

“Wise women will find a man who loves themselves to marry, and only stupid women will worry about the people they love all day.”

Maybe people often watch some palace fighting dramas in their lives, and many women in the court life are fighting and robbing. Continue reading

Say goodbye to busyness and lead a streamlined and efficient life

We often hear the words: “I am too busy”. Yes, modern people are very busy, busy every day, hurrying, tired. However, after the end of the day, many people lamented, “Every day is busy, but I don’t know what to do.” Time passed unconsciously, but I could not feel the growth and gain.

In work and life, we always feel that there are too many things, too little time, and we are too busy. No time to attend parties, no time to study, no time to exercise, no time to spend with family… On the other hand, we are easily caught in trivial matters at work, busy making calls, busy sending and receiving emails, busy writing documents, etc. Wait. Continue reading

The reason that really gives us no time

There are many things that have not been done for a while, and it is even less likely to be done later.

1. Emptiness.

Because of fear of emptiness, I pretend to be full. On the way to work, in the subway, after get off work, and at noon, every time we want to fill it up in various ways, even watching a live broadcast and playing a game before going to bed. Because, once idle, I really don’t know what I want to do.

In order to help us fill the void, all content producers are also trying their best to write more and more gimmicky articles, make more and more strange variety shows, and design more and more “cool” games, firmly occupying your All free time. Continue reading

When was the last time you were dazed?


Generally speaking, in a society with such a fast pace of life, a hot issue will usually be forgotten by people in the past week or so. Today, we may still be discussing Paris news here. Next week, our attention may be drawn by new things.

We are constantly chasing hotspots, on the one hand because the media we follow always report these things, after all, the media needs to rely on these hotspots to attract traffic; on the other hand, because the social networks we are in are constantly chasing hotspots, Even if you don’t watch the news, as long as you swipe your circle of friends, the latest hot spots will always make you aware. Continue reading

A beautiful day

Everyone who loves stories is welcome here.


Xiaohan suffered from insomnia for many days.

Finally, one night, she turned up unbearably, grabbed the insomniac elf, and said fiercely, “Why is it me?”

The insomniac elf struggled to no avail. Zhiwuwuwu explained: “Recent performance is difficult to do. The above indicator is set high. I am under too much pressure. Just pull you together…”

The voice became smaller and smaller.

Xiaohan scratched her messy hair and softened her tone: “So why is it me?”

The insomniac elbowed his hips and straightened up: “Because you are sweet and cute and have a good temper! It’s mainly because you have a good temper.”

Sweet and cute with good temper, Xiao Han nodded and decided to forgive him first. 

Continue reading