Doing these three things in only 20 minutes a day can greatly reduce stress!

As long as you take just 20 minutes a day to rest with this method, the psychological burden and consumption can be reduced by 50%.

You can spend 20 minutes a day to relax, such as reading books, listening to music, chatting with friends happily, jogging, etc. can alleviate stress.

And this 20 minutes does not have to be continuous, it can be summed up, for example, reading 5 minutes after getting up early, 5 minutes talking with friends in the afternoon, and going out for a 10 minute walk at night, adding 20 minutes can also have an effect.

1. Listen to the 528Hz frequency

The sound with a frequency of 528Hz has the effect of relaxing the body and mind, it will play a role in improving mental fatigue and making it easier to concentrate.

Especially when taking a break between learning, listening to the frequency of 528Hz is more likely to be effective than listening to other music songs.

A sound with a frequency of 528 Hz is “a sound that continues to have the same tone for a certain period of time.”

For example, the “Scientifically recognized timbre that makes the brain refresh in 3 minutes” that I introduced earlier belongs to the sound with a frequency of 528Hz.

2. Immerse yourself in reading

Scientific research, reading has the effect of reducing up to 68% of psychological pressure, restlessness, anxiety and so on.

You can read for 15 minutes at a fixed time every day.

3. Drink a glass of hot milk

Hot milk has the effect of reducing tension and anxiety, and reducing stress. At the same time, hot milk can relax the parasympathetic nerves.

When you need to relax during the day, or drink before going to bed.