A beautiful day

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Xiaohan suffered from insomnia for many days.

Finally, one night, she turned up unbearably, grabbed the insomniac elf, and said fiercely, “Why is it me?”

The insomniac elf struggled to no avail. Zhiwuwuwu explained: “Recent performance is difficult to do. The above indicator is set high. I am under too much pressure. Just pull you together…”

The voice became smaller and smaller.

Xiaohan scratched her messy hair and softened her tone: “So why is it me?”

The insomniac elbowed his hips and straightened up: “Because you are sweet and cute and have a good temper! It’s mainly because you have a good temper.”

Sweet and cute with good temper, Xiao Han nodded and decided to forgive him first. 


It was another night of insomnia, and Xiao Han stared at the ceiling and lay the corpse, and suddenly caught a thing with thunder, and he was the insomniac elf.

“You can’t keep me insomnia because of my good temper.”

The insomniac smirked, “No way… I’m almost there today!”

“Then you can’t come every day, do you know how painful it is that you can’t sleep?” Xiaohan felt more and more aggrieved, and because of his good temper, he didn’t want to shoot, so he cried, “I’m going to work tomorrow, you How come I work hard every day?”

Xiao Han opened the tear box, quite a kind of unstoppable meaning. The insomniac panicked and hurriedly said, “No, no, as long as it meets the standard continuously, the department will reward me with something. When I have that thing, you will…”

“What am I?”

The insomniac rolled his eyes and diverted the topic: “Why don’t I tell you about our work? It’s boring, and you will fall asleep when you are tired.”

Before waiting for Xiaohan to express his disdain, the insomniac elf sat on the pillow by himself, moved his butt closer to Xiaohan, and kept talking.


“In fact, human sleep is a slow falling process. The bottom is covered with bubbles. If you are lucky, you will fall into colorful bubbles, and you will have a beautiful dream. If you are unlucky, you will fall into black bubbles. That is a nightmare. But we It can’t be managed, it’s a matter of the Dream Group.”

“But the bubble is actually one-off, so it needs to be added. When the night is quiet, all kinds of thoughts of insomniac people will be transformed into bubbles. The happy things are colorful, and of course the unhappy ones are black! “

Xiaohan heard these things for the first time, and also raised interest, simply lying on the side and listening.

“Our department is responsible for collecting the bubbles from these thoughts and then spreading them evenly on the bottom. Of course, it can’t be scattered casually. The colorful and black should be even, and it can’t let a person always have nightmares.”

The insomniac elf pulled out a small jar and showed it to Xiaohan: “Well, all the bubbles you insomnia produced are inside.”

Xiaohan stared at the jar and resisted the urge to snatch it over.

“But don’t think it’s very simple. Now that the level of technology is up, anti-insomnia is better, what essential oils, flowers, melatonin. Don’t say the smell of the essential oil is really bad. Many colleagues are I can’t bear to leave my job, I was forced to find you…”

The insomniac elicited a careful look at Xiaohan and found that she had no mood swings, and continued:

“However, as long as I insist on meeting the standards every day for a while, I can be promoted in a short time, and then I will be a small supervisor who directs others, so I don’t have to come out every day to make people annoying.”

Xiaohan rolled her eyes and couldn’t help but insert: “Oh, then I’ll help a lot.”

“Don’t be mad.” The insomniac said, “In fact, insomnia is also very good occasionally. Think about happy things, and you will often have beautiful dreams in the future.”

Xiaohan pouted, and the insomniac continued to whine.

In fact, not only humans can dream, everything can dream. Tree, house, and mobile phone next to the pillow.

It is also said that the mobile phone often complains to it. Humans always disturb it at midnight, and every time it is noisy, it turns off and turns off for a few minutes, which is really annoying.

The insomniac elicited into Xiaohan’s ear and said softly, “Teach you a little trick, you close your eyes and think about some beautiful things, the waves of the sea, the insect birds of the forest, the summer soda, the big squirrel’s soft tail, just There is a high probability of falling into colorful bubbles.”

The insomniac elder’s voice suddenly lingered, and the sound of small wings lingered in Xiaohan’s ears, which seemed to have a faint scent.

Xiaohan fell asleep and dreamed of big trees, bamboo houses, squirrels chewing hazelnuts, cola on the table, and the warm sunlight shone on the sea.


After several days, Xiaohan slept very well, but missed the insomniac elves I hadn’t seen for a long time, and I didn’t know how many people this guy had harmed for promotion.

On a weekend evening, Xiao Han lay a corpse in bed. In order to be unable to sleep at night, Xiao Han slept deliberately for a long nap. Sure enough, the insomniac elf appeared crippling again.


The insomniac elves got excited, shook his head hurriedly and waved, “I didn’t mean it, I came to see you can’t sleep!”

“Don’t be nervous, I did it on purpose.”

The insomniac elicited it, and it was polite. He sat cross-legged under Xiaohan’s pillow, looking familiar.

“Why can’t you sleep? I put a lot of colorful bubbles under you, with bubbles after your insomniac.”

Xiaohan didn’t speak, just looked at it. Suddenly, the insomniac realized that he had leaked his mouth, and quickly added: “Because there have been a lot of colorful bubbles collected recently, I just let you go!”

Xiao Han thought that the insomniac elf was so cute.

“Did you meet the standard? Are you going to be promoted?”

“Reluctantly, you have to work overtime every day for a long time to achieve the standard, so tired.” The insomniac elf rubbed his eyes, revealing a deep, inexhaustible tiredness.

Xiaohan felt distressed and comforted: “I have been busy recently, and insomnia for a few days is not a problem.” The implication is that you can come to play with me every day.

The insomniac shook his head unexpectedly and was quite just: “That’s not enough, I’m so hard just to make you…” It suddenly turned like a throat, his face flushed.

Looking at it, Xiaohan just thought it was cute and didn’t speak, so she looked at it with a smile.

The insomniac blushed even more, the legs crossed there moved restlessly, and the pillowcase was scratched with small traces.

Seeing that it was going to be red on the wings, Xiaohan no longer teased it, diverging the topic: “So, are you going to be promoted?”



The summer evening wind lifted the curtains.

The insomniac was sullen and couldn’t see happiness at all. Xiaohan turned her back against it and stuffed herself under the quilt. “Don’t you want to get promoted?”

The insomniac elf does not speak. Xiao Han did not expect this day to be so fast.

“How nice, you don’t have to work overtime anymore, it’s annoying.”

The insomniac elf remained silent.

Xiaohan didn’t know what she was clinging to, and kept talking to herself: “You are so bad, it seems that the elves under your hands will suffer in the future.”

There was a little choked up.

“Are you reluctant to me?”

“Ghosts are reluctant to let you sleep without me.”

“Really? Then you listen well. In the future, you have to go to bed early. The phone is turned off and placed farther. It protested with me many times. You can exercise a little before going to bed so that it will fall faster. Try to side to the right. Sleep, so the pressure on the heart is relatively small.”

The insomniac elf whispered, the voice was ethereal and magical, and Xiaohan couldn’t control the drowsiness.

“Hello verbose…” Xiaohan wanted to turn around and hug it, but her body didn’t listen, and she felt her back a little wet.

“It’s really embarrassing to find you before, I can’t help it, but fortunately, I persevered and got this thing.” The insomniac elf pulled out a small wind chime. “This is a good thing, it can make you sleep well every night, and no other elves will disturb you.”

Xiaohan struggled to whisper on the edge of sleeping and waking up, listening to the insomniac elder’s words like farewell, tears could not stop flowing, but still unable to turn around and say goodbye to it.

“Look at you so nervous, I just changed a place in the office. How can I be willing to leave you, but I might be with you in another way.”

“It’s really good to protect your days.”

As the body became more and more heavy, Xiaohan finally fell into the colorful bubbles, dreaming that she was sitting on the bedside chatting with the insomniac elf.


The cat was dozing, the earth was turning, the morning sun just came in, and Xiaohan woke up.

She feels good and vaguely remembers having a great dream.

She turned her head to find an extra wind chime at the head of the bed. A doll and a small wooden sign hung under the wind chime. The doll had a green body, two small horns and a pair of wings.

Xiaohan reached over and turned over the wooden sign, engraved with a few lines of small characters:

Although I may not be a good elf.

But I will always protect your sweet dreams.