How to improve memory, 4 steps to improve memory

Many people have such a problem: it is clearly something that is remembered in the morning, and it is forgotten in the afternoon, or even almost a few minutes later.

First, learn to analyze.
Many people always choose to memorize things when they memorize things. For example, students memorizing English words is the most typical example.

The method of rote memorization is actually not practical. Maybe I remembered how to spell the word at the time, but I will certainly forget it afterwards. This is a short-term memory, which will not achieve the effect, and the method of rote memorization is also very wasteful. time.

Learning to analyze is the most important. Simply put, it is to remember the premise of understanding. Keep the brain agile and clear during the analysis, carefully analyze the data, materials and other information, understand the composition of these data materials, and then try to go Memory, this will be easier and easier. If necessary, you can prepare a piece of paper and a pen before analyzing the data materials. While analyzing the data materials, you can also write points in your hand, so that the brain and hands move at the same time, and the effect of memory will be more ideal.

Second, learn to summarize.
Every time after memorizing some things and contents, you should learn to summarize the contents of the day’s memory, don’t underestimate this link, in fact, it has a very important role. The human brain needs to take care of many things every day. Perhaps the data materials analyzed in the morning will be forgotten and blurred in the afternoon. If they are not caught in time, they may be completely forgotten.

So the best way is to come down to the day, and at night, find a time to recall all the contents of today’s memories, and then summarize it into a book, smooth the ideas and consolidate the memory contents during the day, so that the memory contents will be Deeper.

Third, learn to express.
I think many people have this kind of situation. Sometimes I feel that my memory is remembered, but when someone really asks, I can’t say it to my mouth. I even forget it when I am nervous.

This shows two points. The first one is more profound without memory, and the second one is not good in expression. The ability to express is very important. It is recommended that you nag more of the content of the memory every day, read it out or recite it aloud, so that not only allows information to flow through the brain, but also can exercise your expressive ability well. The brain and mouth move together, the memory effect is more ideal.

In addition, learn to organize.
Don’t be lazy, as long as you are lazy, it will be easy to forget many times.
To be a diligent person, organize more of your thoughts in your spare time, sort out your notes, and review them to achieve the effect of consolidation.

Some people think that if you want to improve your memory, you should also pay attention to your diet.
Normally adjust the regularity of diet, and eat more foods that help improve memory,
For example, foods such as walnuts, milk, millet, etc. are indeed some small help to improve memory.

Again, in fact, lifestyle habits also affect memory.

As young people, many people have the habit of not sleeping at night. Over time, lifestyle habits will be seriously affected. If the brain is not resting enough, there will definitely be no energy to remember anything. Adjust your life habits, be a healthy brain healthy person, use fragmented time, such as waiting for public transport, traffic jams, drinking tea time, organize your thoughts, a small amount of memory information, accumulated over time, I believe your memory will definitely There is improvement.