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The 10 best and newest books in 2020

The following 10 good books have been carefully selected. We’d better use books to enrich ourselves and use wisdom to cope with this rapidly changing world. After all, reading is the real thing in this boring world!

01. Educated

★ A Dashan girl who had never stepped into the classroom before 17 years old passed Harvard Cambridge through education and became a Ph.D. in history. She put on a top hat and shined.

02. The ride of a lifetime

This is not only the life of a person, it is also the life of Disney. This book is suitable for all young people who go on the path of dreams Continue reading

What is the impact of a child’s reduced enthusiasm for painting?

As a means of human expression, painting has a unique process of production and development.

First, independent walking frees the “hand ability”, then the “visual ability” to concentrate and control the function of the fingers, and finally the “language ability” that can associate things that are not in front of you. These three abilities jointly promote human painting Capacity development.

After a long historical process, we have mastered these three unique human abilities.

It is on the basis of these three abilities that children’s painting activities that can be called “art culture” have blossomed.

However, nowadays, many children who are in the “flowering period” of this unique art culture continue to diminish their enthusiasm and enthusiasm for painting.

Some children are completely uninterested in the painting activity. These children are often given instruction in painting by adults and cannot draw their own paintings. Including: children who have been taught words before drawing, children who have reversed the development order, children who have received semi-figurative and one-way communication methods of television and video, and children whose language skills have not yet fully developed.

Such children not only do not draw, but more worryingly, they have lost interest in drawing. Continue reading

After analyzing 1000 successful people, the successful method

Ten years ago, I started to study a question: How do ordinary people succeed?

At that time, I was engaged in international economics and policy research in government departments, and had the opportunity to contact some politicians, famous political scholars, Nobel laureates in economics, senior executives of international financial institutions, and well-known entrepreneurs.

In the process of communication, I will always explore their growth experience, trying to sum up the common characteristics of success.

Later, I became a consulting company, and I had the opportunity to study many companies and entrepreneurs in depth, including those on the Forbes Rich List.

Consultants are equal to corporate doctors and need to understand all aspects of companies and entrepreneurs. This kind of research is extremely in-depth. In many cases, consultants have a deeper understanding of companies and entrepreneurs than entrepreneurs themselves.

More executives have been interviewed. For every consultation, I have to interview all the executives of the company. One of my favorite questions is: “Can you tell us about your glorious past?”

In this way, I accumulated a lot of cases.

Since this year, I have started to study well-known entrepreneurs.

Every time I write, I will go through all the books, magazine articles, and Internet materials I can find, and interview all the people I can contact.

Recently, the question that has been circling in my mind for 10 years has gradually become clearer.

Why are successful people cattle?

Below, I will elaborate on it from the following aspects:

Choice is more important than hard work Continue reading

Why are people with growth thinking more likely to succeed?

Almost all bosses will have a common mode of thinking, which is growth thinking.

People with growth thinking believe that abilities or skills in any field can be obtained through continuous efforts. In this way, they can develop their abilities and strengthen their cognition in any aspect. Competence.

01. The opposite of growth thinking is fixed thinking. These people think that their abilities and talents are born. If they lack abilities in some aspects, they will also be considered to be due to innate reasons, so they will not deliberately. Work hard to change in this regard. Basically, they may all believe that intelligence is innate.

In fact, most of us in reality are a mixture of growth thinking and fixed thinking, and will have different modes of thinking when facing different things. Continue reading

The 3 daily essential habits to improve the speed of the brain and maintain the health of the brain?

To maintain the high efficiency of the brain and maintain the health of the brain, daily living habits will have a decisive impact.

Especially the following 3 habits.

1. Whether you are doing big or small things, you must have the habit of setting time limits for different things and arranging tasks one by one in order.

The improvement of the basic brain speed (number), the higher the concentration, the advantage is that the necessary judgment to solve the problem will be fast and accurate + the extraction of memory · thinking and application will be active, the so-called “provisional strain”, and These are essential basic abilities in learning activities and business activities.

It is possible to increase the speed of the brain.

That’s the habit of consciously “setting different time limits according to the difference of each thing + arranging tasks in an important emergency order and completing them one by one” consciously. Continue reading

How to learn systematic thinking?

We often hear content related to the system, such as circulatory system, transportation system, human body system, etc. In the field of systems, a relatively mature system theory has been developed for analyzing various system problems, which is used in almost any discipline. Systematic thinking is a way of thinking based on system theory.

1. What is systematic thinking

1. What is a system

Department means connection, unity and unity. The so-called system refers to a unified whole composed of various elements that are related to each other. For example, society, country, company, family, and our body are all systems. Continue reading

The secret to making time more efficient

Everyone has “hobbies”. The hobby of eating. Hobbies when talking to people. Hobby when reading. Hobby when taking a bath. He has a hobby even when he goes to the toilet.

Own hobbies are often unconscious, and it is not uncommon for a friend or partner to point out that “I have such hobbies”.

But among many personal hobbies, there is a hobby that is not easy to realize even after being pointed out by others.

That’s the hobby of “how to use time.”

Just like everyone has their own various hobbies in life, the hobbies of how to use time must be different for everyone. Continue reading

How to improve memory, 4 steps to improve memory

Many people have such a problem: it is clearly something that is remembered in the morning, and it is forgotten in the afternoon, or even almost a few minutes later.

First, learn to analyze.
Many people always choose to memorize things when they memorize things. For example, students memorizing English words is the most typical example.

The method of rote memorization is actually not practical. Maybe I remembered how to spell the word at the time, but I will certainly forget it afterwards. This is a short-term memory, which will not achieve the effect, and the method of rote memorization is also very wasteful. time.

Learning to analyze is the most important. Simply put, it is to remember the premise of understanding. Keep the brain agile and clear during the analysis, carefully analyze the data, materials and other information, understand the composition of these data materials, and then try to go Memory, this will be easier and easier. If necessary, you can prepare a piece of paper and a pen before analyzing the data materials. While analyzing the data materials, you can also write points in your hand, so that the brain and hands move at the same time, and the effect of memory will be more ideal. Continue reading

72 tips to enhance memory

1. Memory skills:
1. The brain needs to regularly sort and arrange memories
2. Summarize information.
3. When continuous content is needed, overall memory is better than fragment memory
4. Decompose the memory content into three parts, it is easier to memorize the content
5. Repeated information must be repeated
6. For important content, repeat ten times at the beginning
7. Record the time of each memory training to track progress
8. Use maps to consolidate memory and expand association.
9, usually practice using associative memory to remember things
10. Consciously exercise the subconscious mind and use image thinking more

11. Reading and movement are good for memory
12. Meditation and thought, it is better to read the original text again
13. Use graphical outlines to improve speech quality
14. Finding the right reference book is one of the shortcuts to memory
15. Memory activities should be performed at the climax of biological activity rhythm
16. Don’t remember in the middle of the night at 2-4 o’clock
17. The extraction of memory content is most suitable two hours after waking up
18. Active rest can make memory rhythm
19. Excessive cigarettes, alcohol, and coffee all have foes of memory
20. The focus of the memory will leave traces of memory. Such as drawing lines, removing corners, and writing thoughts. Continue reading

Doing these three things in only 20 minutes a day can greatly reduce stress!

As long as you take just 20 minutes a day to rest with this method, the psychological burden and consumption can be reduced by 50%.

You can spend 20 minutes a day to relax, such as reading books, listening to music, chatting with friends happily, jogging, etc. can alleviate stress.

And this 20 minutes does not have to be continuous, it can be summed up, for example, reading 5 minutes after getting up early, 5 minutes talking with friends in the afternoon, and going out for a 10 minute walk at night, adding 20 minutes can also have an effect.

1. Listen to the 528Hz frequency

The sound with a frequency of 528Hz has the effect of relaxing the body and mind, it will play a role in improving mental fatigue and making it easier to concentrate. Continue reading