The 10 best and newest books in 2020

The following 10 good books have been carefully selected. We’d better use books to enrich ourselves and use wisdom to cope with this rapidly changing world. After all, reading is the real thing in this boring world!

01. Educated

★ A Dashan girl who had never stepped into the classroom before 17 years old passed Harvard Cambridge through education and became a Ph.D. in history. She put on a top hat and shined.

02. The ride of a lifetime

This is not only the life of a person, it is also the life of Disney. This book is suitable for all young people who go on the path of dreams

03. Lacci
Good Book.

04. The Brothers Karamazov

This is a drama about human spirit, which tells a moral fight between passion, faith, reason and free will. The work showcases an intricate tragic theme of society, family, morality and humanity.

05. A Gentleman in Moscow

“If a person cannot control his own destiny, he will be controlled by his destiny.” This is the reason why he is called a “gentleman”. No matter where he is, he can use his wisdom and demeanor to live a wonderful life. Full.

06. The Rosie Project

“This interesting novel evokes my thinking about interpersonal relationships: How are interpersonal relationships established? How do we spend time and energy to improve these relationships? This is a warm, interesting and thought-provoking book.”

★ May everyone find the imperfect person who entered your world

No matter how weird it looks, we just want to find the right person.

07. The best we could do

This book is a comic book novel, which uses a picture story to tell the history she had learned through her parents. This is a very personal book that explores what it means to be a parent and a refugee at the same time.

08. To Kill a Mockingbird

Growth is always an annoying proposition. Sometimes the growth will be very slow, sing Dingdong song like a stream, but sometimes it is so sudden, the head is covered like a rainstorm…The three children experienced unexpected growth because of several injustices in the town-pain and Confusion, sadness and anger, but also tenderness and emotion. This is a growing classic of love and true knowledge.

09. Eight Million Ways To Die

It mainly tells about the strange and strange death methods of eight million citizens in New York City.

10. Gravity’s Rainbow

It is an encyclopedia. Its profound prophecy and sense of the future of this world make its weight and value last forever. For decades, it has been fermented to become the first literary book in the literary world. It constantly stimulates reading challengers, inspires cool and avant-garde inspirations, and has been waiting for future real readers to challenge it.

“Use the sense of life to study, use the income from reading to live”

“If Yiyou is not common, then the book is your good companion”

“In the long dark night, only wisdom is eternal light”