The 3 daily essential habits to improve the speed of the brain and maintain the health of the brain?

To maintain the high efficiency of the brain and maintain the health of the brain, daily living habits will have a decisive impact.

Especially the following 3 habits.

1. Whether you are doing big or small things, you must have the habit of setting time limits for different things and arranging tasks one by one in order.

The improvement of the basic brain speed (number), the higher the concentration, the advantage is that the necessary judgment to solve the problem will be fast and accurate + the extraction of memory ยท thinking and application will be active, the so-called “provisional strain”, and These are essential basic abilities in learning activities and business activities.

It is possible to increase the speed of the brain.

That’s the habit of consciously “setting different time limits according to the difference of each thing + arranging tasks in an important emergency order and completing them one by one” consciously.

2. Every day, try your best to relieve and eliminate the habit of mental (brain) stress.

If the brain is stressed for a long time, it will become: 1) the decrease of nerve cells and the decline of problem-solving ability; 2) the atrophy of the hippocampus, the decline of short-term memory ability; the management of the tonsils in the emotional (memory, concentration) Weakening, causing deterioration of mental state, which in turn affects physical and mental health.

There are 2 effective solutions:

1) “Write a three-line diary before bed-today’s success, happy things + failures, uneasy anxieties, worrying things, angry things” (you can add simple solutions after thinking) + scheduled things for the next day”, short It is enough to visualize the positive and negative spirits and feelings, and the things to do next day that will become a burden on the brain, and release them by writing them out.

2) 10 minutes of meditation before going to bed.

The best combination is 1) + 2), must be done before going to bed every day.

It doesn’t matter if the content written every day is repetitive, it can relieve and eliminate stress unconsciously.

Ultimately, solving stress is a key behavior for maintaining concentration, memory, motivation, and increasing the speed of the brain.

3. The habit of daily muscle exercise, because it can play a role in improving memory.

A study by the Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States found that “memory will increase after muscle training”.

In the experiment conducted by the university research team, 46 experimenters were asked to watch 90 pictures displayed on the computer screen, and then 46 people were divided into 2 groups, one group doing 50-foot muscle training, and one group sitting Don’t do it. Two days later, another 90 new pictures were added to the 90 pictures I saw last time to let the two groups of experimenters indicate which pictures were seen 2 days ago and test their memory. As a result, an average of 50% of pictures were remembered by a group without muscle training, compared with an average of more than 60% of pictures by a group of muscle exercises.

This study based on this finding found that muscle exercise can promote the secretion of the neurotransmitter “norepinephrine” that precipitates memory.

As long as 20 minutes of muscle training, the effect will be immediate, and the method is simple. You can easily do it at home without going to the gym of the training hall, such as squats, push-ups, jumping in place (rope), etc.

Daily routines such as rest breaks and getting more time to do things after getting up in the morning can not only exercise the body, but also exercise the brain.

In addition to the above three daily habits that are consciously to be developed, communicate with people daily, maintain a strong curiosity, and use your brain to think about small work when doing things (such as doing housework to see if there is a faster way, When you look at the recipe, you can remember all the amount of utensils in the brain during the cooking process, etc.), regular aerobic exercise, nap and early sleep, early rise and high quality sleep are all techniques that can effectively activate the brain.