The secret to making time more efficient

Everyone has “hobbies”. The hobby of eating. Hobbies when talking to people. Hobby when reading. Hobby when taking a bath. He has a hobby even when he goes to the toilet.

Own hobbies are often unconscious, and it is not uncommon for a friend or partner to point out that “I have such hobbies”.

But among many personal hobbies, there is a hobby that is not easy to realize even after being pointed out by others.

That’s the hobby of “how to use time.”

Just like everyone has their own various hobbies in life, the hobbies of how to use time must be different for everyone.

However, the method of using time is something that will last a person’s life, and like eating and talking, it is not easy for others to easily see or speak.

Therefore, most people don’t even care about how to use their time.

The habit of using this time, individuals will have their own definition, but for example:

* After getting up early, the first thing is the hobby of watching mobile phones.

Note: I used to do the same in the past. I would pay attention to the headlines when I’m free, including focusing on the things I care about after getting up early, but now I’m giving up and only stipulating that I can look at hotspots, sports, and military during a period of relaxation after dinner Waiting for something to happen in your favorite field, as a result, now a lot of time has appeared…

* When you are dating someone, you must arrive 10 minutes in advance, or close to the appointment time.

* When you do something, you will be aware of the time required, the elapsed time and the completion time, or do not care at all.

* When you do something, plan your time first and finish it within a limited time.

* After finishing the task at hand, immediately turn to the following, or feel a big relief after doing it, and it becomes difficult to start again.

* In the process of doing things, conscious of the switch of time, how long to rest after.

* When doing things, often do many things in parallel.

* When a person is resting, generally decide the length of the rest time and observe strictly, or do not care how long to rest at all.

* Start studying immediately after returning home, or relax for an hour first, and waste time.

A lot, if you go on, there will be no end.

These are personal hobbies for time use, very personal, different, but there are really a few who will seriously consider this matter and treat it-is this a good or bad habit, what should I do ? and many more.

Because most people think that this is a matter of course, and it is natural to do so, so it is very difficult to self-aware.

In fact, in real life, most people’s habit of using time is a bad habit, and the more these habit, the more the person’s daily life and study and work efficiency will be significantly reduced.

People who use such inefficient time in life may not know what the problem is.

Therefore, in order to put an end to these bad habits, such as the hobby of watching mobile phones immediately after getting up early, I must first realize that “everyone has their own way of using time”, “the use of their own time” What are your hobbies?”.

Then in daily life study and work, you should always pay attention to how you use time. Then you will find that many people do not care about it at all. “It turns out that this is my hobby of using time.”

Next, you have to write them all.

Starting from the characteristics of people, if people do not “verbalize” what they think of, write them down and write them down, people will often ignore these things, will not be in their hearts, and will naturally forget.

So, first of all, you can realize at any time of the day that “you are using time, whether you are using the time correctly”, and then you will realize that “now, this method of using this time may not be good.” Addiction”.

Write it down in a memo.

After a day’s process, pay more attention to a few days, you will easily find the bad habits of your own time, and pay attention to improve it.

With this habit, in the future, you will have more and more hobbies of “how to use time”, and your time will become more and more effective.

It can even be said that the habit of using time —> the habit that is formed will determine the value of your future life.