Why are people with growth thinking more likely to succeed?

Almost all bosses will have a common mode of thinking, which is growth thinking.

People with growth thinking believe that abilities or skills in any field can be obtained through continuous efforts. In this way, they can develop their abilities and strengthen their cognition in any aspect. Competence.

01. The opposite of growth thinking is fixed thinking. These people think that their abilities and talents are born. If they lack abilities in some aspects, they will also be considered to be due to innate reasons, so they will not deliberately. Work hard to change in this regard. Basically, they may all believe that intelligence is innate.

In fact, most of us in reality are a mixture of growth thinking and fixed thinking, and will have different modes of thinking when facing different things.

However, the two aspects of thinking will definitely be biased. People who are used to wearing growth thinking glasses tend to be more flexible. Some experts have also experimented with the student group. Students with successful thinking will be more likely to rank their achievements. Before, they can have more perseverance to overcome difficulties and challenges, because they think that the learning process is actually more worthy of attention than failure, and they will gain more experience in the learning process. This seems to be the choice to practice Not stagnant.

02. A type of person who thinks with fixed thinking thinks that abilities and talents are innate, so they will not choose challenges and efforts, so if they fail once, they feel that they are due to their lack of abilities. Give up completely.

The world has always been fair. Only by working harder to overcome difficulties can we succeed. In this way, it seems that the world will definitely choose people with growth thinking.

People with growth thinking will be more aware of reality and easier to adapt to the real environment, and will be able to make better decisions than people with fixed thinking. Fixed thinking will generally form their own small world view and immerse themselves in fantasy In the middle, this will derail yourself from reality, feel that what you get is justified, and will only consider its results.

The growth thinking is the process theory, more concerned about learning some gods in the process, will have a better mentality to face the results, but generally the results will not be worse.

03. Since it is better to become a growth mindset, it is necessary to change some thinking patterns.

1 Focus on the process rather than the result

You can give yourself more encouragement when you do things, and let your focus shift to how to overcome the difficulties in the process.

2 Make a plan of your own

Quantify and subdivide what you have to do to record the difficulties you have encountered in doing this and the solutions. This is a method of self-improvement.

3 Set a goal

But this goal can be done before. After solving this problem with growth thinking, comparing it with the previous results, you will find some progress, which will encourage yourself to continue to set more goals. If there is a regression, try the new method again.

This is a process of letting your mind break up and reorganize. I believe it will find more meaning in the process.

There is also something to do with steps, which will help improve growth thinking. Ask yourself more, do you have steps to do now? This will allow you to gradually get out of the comfort zone and get more ability. Promote.

Cultivating growth-oriented thinking is a lifelong process. We hope that we can work together to overcome the difficulties encountered, accept our deficiencies, and try new methods to correct them.